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Thursday, December 20th - Accounts Activated

Hello Everyone,

All accounts have been created and new mail has been redirected to Gmail. I've registered new names (see below), so it may take another day or so for these to become active. A few quick things:

  • If you have only used Twig and never Eudora, all your email has been moved.
  • Any folders you had in either Twig or Eudora will be recreated as Labels.
  • All old email is labeled "Migrated".
  • Contact Lists are coming.
  • You will need to confirm you account if you happen to login to your account before I do. Just follow the instructions on the screen if that happens.

Thanks Everyone!


Remeber, it's you normal username, with your birthdate as a password (MMDDYY).

Wednesday, December 19th - Gmail: Searching

Hello Everyone,

The final chapter of video instruction focuses on what Google does best, searching. You can use Gmail to search through your emails a variety of ways to find important data fast.

Take a look at the 'Find' Section (Search Mail and Search the Web)

And that's it. Starting tomorrow morning our email will be shut down. By late afternoon, your Gmail account will be active and we will start uploading your old email over the next two weeks.

Your account will remain the same as it is now, your password will be set to your birthday (mmddyy). Feel free to login, but please do not change your password until Jan 3rd. I will still need to access it during the upload process.

Additional instructions and a link to Gmail for Meridian will be available from the Meridian School District webpage (upper left corner) tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks Everyone, I hope these emails have given you an idea of what to expect and will serve as a reference later on. Have a Merry Christmas and see you next year.

Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, December 18th - Gmail: Organizing

Hello Everyone,

We have now seen the basics of Communicating and how Gmail organizes your mail into an single, meaningful Conversation. Labels are the second of three powerful organizations tools and quite possibly the most unique. There will be more discussions on effective use of Labels and Filters later, but for now, a brief introduction will suffice.

There are no folders in Gmail, there are Labels. Labels, like folders, allow you to group emails by topic. Unlike folders, multiple Labels can be applied to a Conversation. Labeling Conversations allows you to quickly reference pertinent information.

Take a look at the 'Organize' Section (Archive, Trash, Labels, and Filters).


Timeline: Thursday morning our existing email system (Twig and Eudora) will be shut down. By afternoon, your Gmail account will be enabled and all NEW email will be sent to it. After that, we will be working on uploading all your old email into Gmail.

Look for a link on the Meridian School District's webpage sometime Thursday. Further instructions will be provided through that link.

Thanks Everyone!

Monday, December 17th - Gmail: Communicating

Hello Everyone,

Now you have an idea on how Gmail Conversation View, the first of three powerful organization tools, will change how you communicate. We will look at the other two later this week, but for now, let's delve into the basics.

Take a look at the 'Communicate' Section (Compose, View Messages, Reply and Forward, and More Options) to learn about sending and receiving email with Gmail.


Is this the same Gmail as I use at home? If you are using Gmail for your personal email, you will not see many differences. By registering Meridian with Google Apps, we are able to use "" instead of "" for our accounts. We also will have shared address books, group mailing lists and calendars.

When can I start using my Gmail account? Soon, so keep your eyes on the upper right corner of the Meridian Webpage ( for a link.

Thanks Everyone!

Friday, December 14th - Gmail: Conversations

Hello Everyone,

Now that you have been introduced to GMail, lets highlight one of the new features, 'Conversations'.

When you or anyone replies to an email, Gmail groups those related messages into a single, meaningful 'conversation'. Take a look at this powerful organization tool in the 'Get Started' Section (Introduction, Conversation View and Inbox Organization).

Next week we will look at Communicating, Organizing and Searching.


Do I need to delete old emails and empty my trash? If you would like, sure, otherwise we will migrate it to GMail and if you decide later that you really don't want it, then just delete it again.

What's going to happen to my Eudora? It will be moved to the server and email's will be copied to GMail. After that, Eudora will be moved to an archive and stored for at least 1 year.

Thanks Everyone!

The mission of the Meridian Public Schools is to meet the diverse educational needs of all learners so they can become ethical, competent and productive contributors to a democratic society in an ever changing world.