Meridian School District Vision
Each student will succeed through quality, inspirational and innovative education.

Meridian School District Purpose
The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.


for Meridian

(Physical violence or threats of violence to others)
  1. Keep calm. Walk towards the fight or assault in a controlled manner. Do not run toward it so that you do not encourage panic. Use a modulated, controlled tone to direct students by name, if possible, to leave the scene.
  2. Establish control of the situation. If a fight or assault is taking place in front of a crowd, first take stock of the situation (look for weapons) and enlist help from staff. When appropriate, do the following:
    • Loudly demand that the individual(s) stop fighting/assaulting, and separate them.
    • Isolate them in separate rooms under adult supervision.
    • Attend to the victims.
    • Isolate witnesses, friends, and others in separate rooms under adult supervision.
    • Disperse any remaining onlookers.
  3. Don't try to chase anyone fleeing from the scene. Observe as much as you can (age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, and vehicle description) and report your observations to the police.
  4. If a crime has been committed, try to screen off the scene to protect the evidence.
  5. If a weapon is involved and you are able to secure it, maintain custody of it until you turn it over to the police. Don't try to physically take weapons away from anyone; call 911. If appropriate, consider lockdown.
  6. If necessary or appropriate, refer to Crisis Management Checklist for other important steps: Dealing with the media, contacting superintendent, and the district office.

The mission of the Meridian Public Schools is to meet the diverse educational needs of all learners so they can become ethical, competent and productive contributors to a democratic society in an ever changing world.