Meridian School District Vision
Each student will succeed through quality, inspirational and innovative education.

Meridian School District Purpose
The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.


for Meridian

  1. In the event of an earthquake, have students move away from windows and immediately:
    • DROP! (to the floor)
    • DUCK! (beneath table, desk, door frame)
    • COVER! (head with arms. Remain in covered position until the quaking stops. Students need to stay covered until an adult gives further directions).
  2. When the earthquake has subsided, check for injuries, apply first aid, get assistance.
  3. Assess the situation and evacuate as appropriate.
  4. The custodian should check the gas, electricity, and water. Custodian should do a quick analysis of the building structure and report to principal or designee.
  5. Teachers should call roll. A list of absent students and a note to their possible location should be sent to the attendance secretaries.

The mission of the Meridian Public Schools is to meet the diverse educational needs of all learners so they can become ethical, competent and productive contributors to a democratic society in an ever changing world.