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The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.



Levels of Infractions 

LEVEL 1 INFRACTIONS: (self-directed minor inappropriate behaviors)

1 Disregard for Guidelines for Success.
2 Eating or drinking in the hallway.
3 Misusing equipment or property such as drinking fountains, stored materials, bulletin boards, etc.
4 Any behavior deemed by a supervisor to fit this level.

LEVEL 2 INFRACTIONS: (socially inappropriate behavior directed toward others and/or property)

1 Any of the Level 1 behaviors after a verbal warning.
2 Disrespect toward another student/adult.
3 Inappropriate language.
4 Inappropriate gestures.
5 Bullying.
6 Cruel teasing.
7 Aggressive actions (for example, shoving and pushing).
8 Spitting.
9 Any behavior deemed by a supervisor to fit this level.
10 Progressive Disruption Infractions—A progressive disruption infraction is defined as a student whose behavior, either physical or verbal, inhibits the learning process. Disruptive behavior will not be condoned in the classroom, recess, or common areas.

LEVEL 3 INFRACTIONS: (defiance and/or aggressive behavior directed toward self, others, and/or property 1 Continuation of any level 2 behaviors.
2 Physical assault – the student is a danger to him/herself or others.
3 Physical fight.
4 Spitting at another student.
5 Illegal acts – weapons, possession of illegal substance, vandalism, theft.
6 Destruction of personal or school property.
7 Insubordinate behavior – direct and immediate refusal to comply with a reasonable adult instruction within a specified period of time.
8 Overt defiance.
9 Leaving school grounds without permission.
10 Any behavior deemed by a supervisor to be at this level.
11 See #10 above in Level 2 Infractions.

“When you choose your behavior, you choose the consequence.” 

Consequences for Infraction

GUIDELINE:  When a student misbehaves, calmly & consistently  implement the mildest consequence that might be appropriate.


LEVEL 1 CONSEQUENCES: (for minor inappropriate behavior)

1 Reteach expectation.
2 Issue a verbal warning.
3 Redirect student by having him/her leave selected area.

LEVEL 2 CONSEQUENCES: (for socially inappropriate behavior

directed toward others and/or property)

When the behavior slip is issued, the teacher and/or para-professional(s) and student will determine the consequence.  This may include:

1    Classroom strategies.
2    Detention.
3    Parent contact.
4    Contract.
5    Principal contact
6    Progressive Disruption Consequences—A progressive disruption consequence will lead to a behavior plan developed by a school team to include parents.  

LEVEL 3 CONSEQUENCES: (for defiant and/or aggressive

behavior directed toward self, others, and/or property)

1 Office referral
2 Behavior Slip
3 Parent contact.
4 Loss of privilege.
5 Community service.
6 In/out of school suspension.
7 See #6 above in Level 2 Consequences

All office referrals will result in a conference with the principal, parent contact by the student and the  principal, and any other action deemed necessary in the principal’s judgment.  The office referral will be documented.