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The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.



Irene Reither Elementary Physical Education


Cathy Arnold


Hi, my name is Cathy Arnold, and I teach Physical Education (P.E.) to all of the students here at IRE.  Each kindergarten class has P.E. once each week for a 25 minute time period, and the first, second and third grade classes have P.E. twice a week for a 45 minute time period.  Please check with the classroom teacher to see which days your child is scheduled for P.E.


Grading Criteria
PE Schedule

It is very important that they come to the gym dressed to move in appropriate clothes and tennis shoes.  It is very hard to run and do push-ups in a dress and high heels or flip flops. To encourage all students to wear tennis shoes to P.E. we have an “All-Star Baseball Game” posted in the gym.  To play this game, each class may move one base when everyone in the class remembers to wear their P.E. shoes. They can also move one base for engaging in respectful behavior during P.E. At the end of each trimester it is fun to see which class has scored the most homeruns!!

Throughout the school year they work through many different units including beanbag skills, hula hoops, jumping rope, gymnastics, soccer, hockey and ball skills, just to name a few.  There are also several lessons with our huge parachute.  During the first few weeks of school, they’re exercising their bodies and practicing basic locomotor movements such as skipping, hopping, galloping and jumping.  They also practice how to do a chin-up, and jog around the gym each session to get ready for our school-wide “Jog-a-Thon” held in October.

During our unit of dance and movement, the children learn several simple folk dances, and our 3rd graders are introduced to square dancing.  In the spring, we participate in a community fund raiser for the American Heart Association called “Jump Rope for Heart”.  You can see our beautiful banners hanging up in the gym which we’ve earned for past participation.  The kids really look forward to this event, and become very skilled at jumping rope.

Several times each year we transform the gym into what we call “P.E. World”.  We put the climber up and bring out all the hoppers, stilts, pogo sticks, scooters, and other play equipment.  You’re welcome to stop in and see us in motion any time!!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 



 The achievement grade in P.E. is based on the following criteria:

  • The student is a safe and productive participant alone or with others
  • Tries new things without complaining
  • Shows interest and enthusiasm
  • Uses time well
  • Observes safety rules
  • Works to his/her ability

The effort grade is a reflection of behavior and sportsmanship:

  • Demonstrates positive behavior and attitude
  • Demonstrates respect for opponents and officials
  • Exhibits fair play
  • Exhibits an understanding of the rules
  • Shows appreciation for all abilities
  • Demonstrates a gracious acceptance of results
  • Interacts appropriately with peers and teachers