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The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.



Irene Reither Elementary Music



Nita Wright


I am Nita Wright and I teach music to all the students at Irene Reither Elementary.  I see all students once a week.  Kindergarteners and Life Skills have music for 25 minutes.  First through third graders have music for 45 minutes and fourth through fifth graders have music for 50 minutes.  

Throughout the year, I am responsible for creating and preparing the assembly programs in music for both schools.  In the fall, the students at Irene have sung for our three assemblies:  Math Celebration in the fall, Veteran’s Day and the Holiday Program.  I am responsible for Ten Mile’s music for Veteran’s Day, Holiday Program and the Spring Concert.  I have also put together a group of fourth and fifth grade students for choir so they can sing in the June all district choir program.  I am also teaching xylophone lessons to some students at Ten Mile.  The music departments in our district keep close contact with one another for support and scope and sequence of our teaching music.  We also attend every year the music convention.

Music is an integral part of people’s lives and is an art that affects everyone and all cultures.  My philosophy in teaching music is to make the students aware that music has no boundaries and is an integral part of all cultures.  Teaching many songs from all over the world is a part of the program.  With it comes awareness of the geography and location these songs come from as well as its history.  It’s important to maintain the integrity of our national history of songs taught throughout.  The students learn about certain composers that have marked the world of music permanently and contributed styles that will be appreciated for generations.  The span of time line dates back to the classical composers to the present.  We have listened in particular to music by Bach, Beethoven, The Beatles, Mozart, and Stephen Foster.  This list will continue to expand as time goes on.

Aside from learning songs and their composers, we look at how music is written down through the musical notations.  Learning about rhythm and beat per measure along with note value and dynamics of music sung or played.  They listen to a variety of music through CDs, tapes and youtube.  By fifth grade, the students will be aware of how a music composition can be written down on a staff.  They learn how to use solfege tones to sing the octave and use their hands to sign them.

Appreciating the sounds of various instruments and knowing their names are intertwined in the  listening of songs and the orchestra.  By the time the reach the threshhold of middle school, they will have an opinion of what type of instrument they might want to play when they have this opportunity in their middle school experience in music.  We honor the students who play instruments on their own time and encourage them by having them share what they’ve learned to play. 

Musical games and movement are an integral part of our music time.  The students can best learn the rhythm and flow of songs through partner and whole class games.  We learn rhythm and musical games from all over the world.

The grade for music achievement and effort are based on the following:

  1. Students are willing to learn the songs and try to do their best.
  2. Students are respectful of one another.
  3. Students behave in a matter that maximizes music learning.
  4. Students cooperate in our various music games and movements.
  5. Students are respective in playing the instruments.
  6. Students show positive attitude and behavior.
  7. Students display a team effort during performances and share the responsibilities that come with them.