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The Meridian School District works in partnership with our families and our community to educate each student in a safe and supportive learning environment to become a positive contributor to society.



Ten Mile Creek Highly Capable



Welcome back Highly Capable Students and Families! Now that school has gotten off to a great start here is an update on the Highly Capable Program for 2012-2013.

New HCP Teacher

The first and most exciting piece of information is that we have hired Becky Pederson (our TMCE school-wide title teacher) as a .2FTE highly capable teacher. Ms. Pederson will be working to support our highly capable students in a variety of ways.

·         Providing some pull-out groups during the school day

·         Working with classroom teachers and families to differentiate (adjust) classroom activities to meet the needs of our highly capable students

·         Creating student learning plans for newly identified HCP students and helping with the identification process

·         Planning for before and after school enrichment opportunities

Ms. Pederson is an excellent teacher and will be a great resource for students, families and teachers.  She can be reached by email at

Math Champs

Mr. Bosche will be coaching Math Champs on Friday mornings again this year.  Students who participate will be learning and practicing high level math and have the opportunity to compete in regional math tournaments.  The group will start up again on September 21st. They will meet Fridays at 8 am in Barb Wood’s classroom at TMCE. 

Afterschool Classes

We are planning to offer 1-2 after school courses again this year.  Please stay tuned for more info!

Identification-(For Students not already in HCP)

We will begin our HCP identification process at the end of October.  If you believe your student might qualify for Highly Capable I encourage you to chat with your child’s teacher about him/her for testing. If you have questions please contact me via email  


We are pleased to announce two great math enrichment opportunities for our highly capable students:

  • How Likely Is It?  Focused on probability, this course will be fun, challenging, and “hands-on.”  Mr. Deperalta will be teaching the class on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 beginning 10/13 and ending 12/15.

  • Math Club  This will be a challenging, fast-paced math club coached by John Bosche, parent and community member.  The club will meet Friday mornings from 8am-9am beginning 10/21.

Students in our highly capable program may sign up for one or both opportunities.  Transportation is NOT provided.  Students in these groups should come ready to learn.   We would love additional parent and community volunteers.  Contact 



At Meridian Elementary Campus we recognize that our students have a wide range of skills and needs.  We work hard to provide a rigorous and appropriate instructional program for each of our students.  We offer a Highly Capable Program for to meet the unique needs of our exceptionally gifted and talented students. 

 The goals of Meridian School District’s highly capable program are to: 

  • Enhance academic opportunities
  • Assist classroom teachers in adjusting lessons for highly capable learners
  • Develop leadership and relational skills
  • Stimulate higher level thinking

We do this through:

  • Differentiation in the general education setting
  • Offering unique courses during and after the regular academic school day
  • Enriching field trips
  • Academic Competitions

How do children qualify for this program?

We strive to accurately identify students who are exceptionally gifted and talented.  Parent and teacher referrals, as well as standardized achievement measures (such as MAPS and MSP) help us find potential candidates for the program.  Those students are tested using the CogAT (Cognitive Aptitude Test).  The test measures quantitative, verbal and nonverbal skills.  If you have questions about this program please contact your child’s teacher or Stacy Thomas, Program Coordinator.


We love volunteers!  The students in our highly capable program benefit from parents and community members who offer their time and talents.  Please contact Stacy Thomas.