What Parents and Students Are Saying About MP3

"For our family, MP3 is the best of all worlds. For traditional public school families, MP3 offers much smaller class sizes, a flexible schedule and classes that are not offered elsewhere, like robotics, art, drama and computers. Plus the kids get to have the same classes for several years, giving them the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with the wonderful teachers at MP3.

For full-time homeschooling families, MP3 offers the opportunity to have your child interact with other kids, teachers and administrative staff in a supportive and nurturing environment. As homeschool parents, we are able to have someone else guide, teach and evaluate our kids in subjects that we may not want to, or feel qualified to, teach ourselves. Plus, it gives me comfort knowing that the MP3 teachers are there to share the (very important) responsibility of my child’s education.

It truly does take a village and we are blessed to include MP3 staff and teachers as part of ours." MP3 Parent, Trisha 

"Making the sacrifice of an income to homeschool your children is difficult this day and age. MP3 (and the Meridian School District), has come along side of our family and our goals for our 4 children. Their support, expertise, and resources has made our sacrifice, not only attainable but enjoyable." MP3 Parent, Melanie

"My family loves the MP3 program! The teacher consultants are so helpful and truly care about the students. They take time to help find curriculum that will work best for the individual child’s needs and come up with ideas I never would have thought of. The weekly contact and monthly progress is very painless and doesn’t just help MP3 to know how the students are progressing, but it is a reminder to me of all the things they are truly learning when it seems like we aren’t getting as much accomplished as we would like. There are many other programs out their available to our children and some of them offer what sounds like better things such as more money and class options, but I would not give up the personal relationship the teacher consultants have with the kids for anything. I would recommend MP3 for any family with any kind of student." MP3 Parent, Jill

"MP3 was a great experience for me. I enjoyed the various age groups that I got to interact with.  The small class size allowed teachers to have more one on one time with me.  I feel like the classes at MP3 prepared me for my high school.  I loved the drama class that I had, the small class size made me feel so comfortable that I was able to easily perform in front of others. "  MP3 past student,  Meridian High School Student

"MP3 has been a wonderful fit for our family.  We love the benefit of schooling at home on off-campus days and then having amazing classes for our kids on campus days.  My children can't wait to attend their campus classes!  These classes have given them so many unique opportunities that you can't find in a traditional school.  My son has excelled in his technology and robotics classes.  The teachers (SLPCs) are very supportive and are so easy to work with.  The families of this program are amazing and take an active role in their children's education." MP3 Parent, Darlene

"Three of my daughters have been enrolled, and our oldest daughter has been with MP3 for the past 5 years. Their teacher is on top of everything. She responds to any of our questions very quickly. She is willing to give us positive and precise feedback on art and language art. On the weekly contacts and monthly reports, she sounds very encouraging and asks thought-provoking questions. Other staffs have been very courteous and kind, too. My daughters have been more motivated to study, thanks to the environment that MP3 provided!" MP3 Parent, June

"We LOVE the flexibility and support that MP3has offered our family. My husband has an odd work schedule, so we are able to do school when he is working and still get to enjoy time off with him. We have seen first hand the benefit of MP# as I underwent some intense medical treatments a couple of years ago. Our SLPC was so helpful and encouraging as we sought to still homeschool our children during that difficult time for our family. I cannot say enough good things about this program."  MP3 Parent, Stephanie

"The MP3 program has been such a great fit for our family. We tried a couple of other homeschool options including K-12 but found that with multiple children in multiple grades we needed more flexibility. I love that my kids can work above grade level and that I determine their core curriculum but we still have the help and support of the staff at MP3 when needed. The help with purchasing curriculum has also been a blessing because it can become a huge financial burden at times. We have really loved the staff and teachers and have found that everyone is truly working to help me succeed as a parent and teacher." MP3 Parent, Sunny