Irene Reither Elementary Schoolwide Title

jiwasaki Mon, 01/17/2011 - 7:36am


Sally VanZee  Reading Specialist
Jennifer Rommel  - Para Educator/ Math
MaryBeth Van Dyke - Para Educator/ Reading




Irene Reither Primary School is a Schoolwide Title I building. All children and staff at Irene Reither Elementary are considered Schoolwide Title I students and teachers.   

Description – Children working in the Schoolwide Title I Reading  Program are working on specific skills in the area of reading.  This reading support occurs in addition to classroom reading instruction. Schoolwide Title I instruction focuses on areas of weakness that have been identified through classroom based reading screenings.

Skill areas addressed include:

  • phonemic awareness (letter identification, letter-sound correspondence and blending skills)
  • sight word recognition
  • oral reading fluency
  • comprehension

The Schoolwide Title I Reading Support Team works collaboratively with classroom teachers to address individual differences with skill acquisition and mastery.

Learning Targets Supported by the Schoolwide Title I Reading Team –        

  • Each child will achieve their grade level standards in reading
  • Each child will achieve their home reading goals
  • Each child will achieve their STAR reading goals
  • Each child will develop a life-long joy of reading and learning


Schoolwide Title Math enhances students’ understanding of math concepts/skills which have been taught in their classrooms.


  • work in a small group environment
  • work on specific concepts/skills to which they need additional exposure.  

The support activities can include:

  • target interventions for math
  • on-going review/practice of skills not yet mastered by students or,
  • pre-teaching of math concepts that will support student participation in whole group instructional activities.