Irene Reither Elementary Kindergarten


Mrs. Plummer
Mrs. Gunderson
Ms. Alexander

Certainly one of the most exciting days in your child’s life is the first day of kindergarten the beginning of what we hope will be a rewarding formal education. We welcome you and look forward to educating your child at Irene Reither Elementary.

Our half-time kindergarten program eases children into the routines and structure of “real school,” helping them to feel comfortable in the school environment. Daily activities are designed to take advantage of each child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Activities such as shared reading of big books, drawing, and writing in journals, and even solving math problems using colorful blocks and tiles are meant to help children develop skills in literacy, math and science.

Kindergartners also enjoy a period or more per week of social skills, music and physical education classes. In weekly visits to the school library, children listen to a story and choose their own books to bring home.

Kindergarten Curriculum includes:

By the end of kindergarten, your child is expected to:

  • Know all of the letters in the alphabet
  • Know at least 21 letter sounds
  • Know at least 35 sight words
  • Recognize  numbers 0-31
  • Write numbers to 15
  • Count to 100

Kindergarten Schedules:

Monday/Wednesday AM/Thursday   -OR-    Tuesday/Wednesday PM/Friday