Irene Reither Elementary Second Grade


Scarlett Ballard
Kathy Otten
K.C. Rhodes
Becky Pederson

This web site is designed to connect the home with our classroom. Please feel free to use the links provided to serve as a review or an enrichment for your child.

The second grade curriculum consists of:

BSRA spelling is a phonics based program.  Students will receive 10 spelling words each Monday to study.  Please check your child’s IRE folder. Tests are given on Friday to assess mastery and build effective writing vocabulary.

Spelling Homework

Please help your child study the spelling words at home to prepare for the weekly test.

Open Court Reading

The Open Court series is a comprehensive  reading, writing, and learning program focusing on skills, strategies, and reading fluency.  Comprehension tests are given weekly.

Reading Homework
Reading can be reading aloud to your child, partner reading, or reading independently. Approximately 15 minutes each day is recommended.Please initial the reading calendar and keep it in the take home folder.Calendars will be collected at the end of the month.


Math Expressions

The Math Expressions program balances children’s natural solution methods with effective  practices and procedures.

Math Homework

Math homework will go home Monday through Thursday. 

Please help your child as needed.


Our language, grammar, and Six Trait Writing focus is embedded in our Open Court reading program and taught using the David Matteson writing program.      


Manuscript printing is practiced and used.  Correct pencil grip and letter formation is encouraged and monitored.


FOSS programs, as well as other teacher created or generated materials are used.

Subjects studied in second grade are: Balance and Motion, Dinosaurs, and New Plants.


Students will experience a variety of art and craft activities.  They will experience the use of various media such as chalk, paint, and clay.

Classroom Expectations

I will respect myself and others.

I will respect property.

I will be responsible. 

We spend a good deal of time discussing, examining, and practicing these rules and behaviors. Thank you in advance for supporting these expectations so our classrooms will be safe and positive places for everyone.

When students meet these expectations they will be reinforced with praise, gotcha tickets, and earning points for special activities. When a student does not meet these expectations, we will follow these steps:

  • private, verbal reminder of expectation

  • problem solving conversation

  • problem solving conversation plus a note or phone call home

  •  communication with our principal or counselor as needed