Irene Reither Elementary Technology

Irene Reither Elementary Computer Lab


Amy Blankers  Instructor


Irene Reither Elementary Computer Lab is visited by all students once a week. During their visits, students practice skills they have learned in the general classroom using technology.  


Our Kindergarten students spend the year getting familiar with the computer lab and how to use a computer.  They begin the year working on a program called Dr. Seuss Preschool. 

Skills reinforced using this program are:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sorting & Classifying
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Number recognition
  • Letter recognition

 After we have completed the activities in Dr. Seuss Preschool, we begin working in Dr. Seuss Kindergarten.  This program reinforces reading and math skills taught in the general classroom. 

Reading Skills taught are:

  • Phonic

  • Letter Recognition

  • Rhyming

  • Spelling

  • Classifying


Math Skills taught are:

  • Pattern recognition

  • Counting

  • Shapes

  •  Sequencing

  • Addition and  Subtraction

  • Measurement   


The children are not only improving these skills, but through these activities they are beginning to feel comfortable using a computer, as well as learning to use the mouse as they navigate through the program. 

Several times a year the students will have time to learn and practice drawing pictures on the computer using Microsoft Paint.   Students learn how to use the drawing tools (paint brush, spray can, pencil, circle, rectangle, eraser and triangle tools) in this program.  During the school year, they will be drawing  winter and spring pictures.


Moodle is currently experiencing log in issues when using Internet Explorer.  If you have problems logging in please switch your browser  to Mozilla FireFox or check back to see if the problem has been resolved.  Mozilla can be downloaded from

Meridian School District has begun using an on-line learning management system this year called Moodle.  Each student in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade has their own log-in to this virtual learning environment.  Parents and students can log into this learning environment from home using the following link Meridian Moodle.  I encourage parents to check on their students work by going to this web site. 

Each student in grades 1-3 are enrolled in two courses.  The first is the course we use in the Computer Lab with the title Mrs. Silves’ 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade class.   Students are encouraged to log into this web site from home.  Unfinished work can be completed from home and parents can see what students have been learning in class.

The second course is called 1st Grade Homework Club, 2nd Grade Homework Club, or 3rd Grade Homework Club that allows students to practice and track their progress on academic skills learned in the general classroom.  If your student is asked for an enrollment key for any of these classes the key is IRPS.  All of the activities can be taken as many times as necessary.  If you find any errors, please e-mail me at Teresa Silves.

How Do I Log into Moodle?

Your students username will be the first three letters of their last name followed by the first three letters of their first name followed by the year they will graduate from high school. Your students password is their initials followed by their student id number or lunch number.

Example: 1st Grade Student

Sally Smith with id# 123456










Type to Learn Jr.

 1st Grade students practice their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn Jr.  Using this program, they are learning where the keys are on the keyboard and are introduced to the concept of using both hands to type. 

Type to Learn 3

2nd Grade and 3rd Grade students practice their keyboarding skills in the lab using a program called Type to Learn 3.  Using this program, they are learning where the keys are on the keyboard and continue to practice using two hands to type.  This program also reinforces correct finger placement on the keyboard.