Ten Mile Creek PTA


PTA Board Nominations & Elections

With spring around the corner, we are excited to begin the process for nominations and elections of our new Executive Board members for the next school year. This activity is a great way to contribute to your child’s education and to enrich the lives of families, faculty and support staff in our schools. The Meridian PTA Board consists of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions can be done by one or multiple individuals. So, we are looking for candidates that would be interested in overseeing PTA events and fundraisers. Those elected are supported by the Washington State PTA in training, leadership support and networking with other nearby school PTAs and parents. Do you know someone who would be a great leader with inspiration and drive to support our kids, teachers and community? If so, please call Christine Jensen at 312-1179 or schedule a time to meet with us to ask any questions you may have about the positions and what they entail. We WANT and NEED you!

Current PTA board:
President: Mary Anne Bruggeman
Treasurer: Jeanette Sharp
Secretary: Stacy Zilinek


President’s Corner

Whew.....that was a REALLY busy holiday season this year. Some-times I feel that as my children get older we actually get bus-ier. Even so, we were able to enjoy family and just being around each other. This is the best part of the season for me. We also were able to give back to others as we participated in Meridian PTA's Giving Tree this year, helping 41 local families, donating over 400 pounds of food and 275-300 Santa presents to help make those families' Christmas more merry this year. A wonderful thanks to all those who donated this year.

As the new year starts, officially after my CRAZY family went on our annual Polar Bear Dip on Jan. 1st, I immediately start looking for-ward to the new year and things there are to look forward to. I often look back at the accomplishments of last year and set goals for the new year. I also start the pack up of holiday decorations and clean out of the house (spring cleaning comes a bit early for me). If you are like me I encourage you to remember that just because the holi-day season is over does not mean that people are still not in need. So as you spring clean your homes or find great coupon deals remember there is always the opportunity to continue to do-nate items to local charities and food banks. Try to keep this spirit throughout the year and teach your children the same, one of the best lessons for life.

May you have a wonderful new year filled with Joy and Happiness,

Christie Jensen