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Dear Meridian Community and Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I share this sad news with you. Meridian School District lost a tremendous advocate and statesman early Sunday. After a long battle with sarcoma, Meridian School District Board Director Brian Evans passed away. His wife Connie shared he was now at peace, that he loved life, loved adventure, and thoroughly enjoyed his role as a Meridian School Board Director. Many of our teachers and employees knew and enjoyed Brian’s friendship for decades.

Brian served our Meridian Community as a Board Director (and Board Chair for a period) since January 2006. I was honored to learn from Brian, enjoy his perspective and support, and work with him during much of his time with the District. I experienced his influence firsthand as a building principal and then recently as superintendent. Brian endured many surgeries, much radiation, and chemotherapy over the years. He has persistently demonstrated the same desire to serve and always exhibited a high level of engagement.

If one reflects on the changes that have occurred in the District since 2006, it is easy to see the fruits of Brian’s love, passion, and dedication to improving the District and how we serve all of our children today. Much has changed in Meridian because of Brian’s positive influence. As a building principal, when we rebuilt Meridian High School, Brian’s knowledge and understanding of the building industry were invaluable. His vision for how we could make things better helped create what has resulted in the beautiful District facilities we enjoy today. That work was definitely in his wheelhouse.

As superintendent, I am proud to have known Brian as a trusted mentor. He recognized the value and enthusiastically supported the building of our educational programs for early childhood learning and the whole child – and increasing our overall student supports. He asked great questions and didn’t waver in seeking quality. His conviction was rooted in the civic duty he felt as a public servant. Connie shared he admired his board colleagues, respected our teachers and district employees, and enjoyed working with superintendents over the years.

During Brian’s tenure, three other superintendents led the district: Tom Churchill, Dr. Timothy Yeomans, and Dr. Burton Dickerson. They have each offered their experiences and memories with Brian in the links above. I am appreciative of their quick responses to help us all understand Brian a bit better. Our hearts and prayers go out to Brian’s family during this difficult time. Please know we will share details about any plans to gather to honor and celebrate Brian. He was a tremendous man who proudly served the Meridian community. He will be greatly missed.


Dr. James Everett