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Dear Meridian Families, Staff, and Students,

It was with much sadness that I received the news earlier today that Brian Evans had died. First of all, I want to express my deepest sympathy for Brian’s family during this very difficult time. I also would like to acknowledge the pain and sense of loss that this sad news brings to the entire district and community.

I would like to join with others in expressing my very positive memories of working with Brian as a member of the School Board during the time I served as Superintendent in the Meridian School District.

Brian was one of the most sincere, thoughtful and pleasant individuals I have known. As a member of the Board, he was dedicated to doing whatever was required to fulfill his duties to the position, but he went far beyond what was required to be certain that every effort was made for the betterment of the schools. There was never a question but that his interest in his position was driven by a strong desire to look out for the needs and concerns of all the students who were enrolled.

Previous MSD Superintendent Messages:

In terms of working as a team member, Brian was a good example to all around him. He not only listened well to the ideas and suggestions of others but gave thoughtful input into the decision-making process. He was kind and considerate toward others and was careful and deliberate about reaching conclusions on a topic. As a school administrator, I always felt his supportive and encouraging presence.


Burton Dickerson

Meridian School District Superintendent 2000-2007

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