• Total number of confirmed cases in our schools requiring contact tracing notification (per health department guidance): 488
  • Estimated number of students in-person: 1593
  • Estimated number of staff working on site in-person: 263
  • Dashboard is updated weekly on Mondays (if a holiday falls on a Monday, the dashboard will be updated on Tuesday)

*Due to the increased transmission rate of COVID-19 in our community and the highly infectious Omicron variant we know some transmission may be occurring in our schools. The dashboard will be marked with “yes” if even one case is presumed to be in-school transmission. Not all cases reported are in-school transmission.


Dashboard shows confirmed positive cases of Meridian School Distict’s students or staff engaged in in-person learning or work at a district site, updated each Monday. If a case is determined to have no contacts and no closures are required in a small in-person learning community, it may not be possible to share data and also protect confidential health information. The Washington State Department of Health small numbers reporting guidelines provides more information about data reporting and protecting confidential health information.


  • Exposure or contact is usually defined as being within six feet or more and spending 15 minutes or longer with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Quarantine is when someone is asked to stay home due to exposure to someone who is infected, because they could become contagious.
  • Isolation is when some is asked to stay home because of illness or possible illness, and they are contagious.
  • Outbreak is defined as two or more cases with transmission occurring between them; one confirmed case is not an outbreak.