Meridian School District has a district-wide subscription to Remind, meaning that all of our teachers can take advantage of its premium features!

Remind can:

  • provide messaging between educators, students, and families to promote communication and engagement
  • allow parents and families to choose their preferred messaging tool – email, app, or text
  • communicate to whole classes or groups of students and families through an app, email, or text all at the same time
  • call families through the mobile app, without revealing your cellphone number
  • translate messages into many different languages
  • assist with remote learning
  • link to assignments in Google Classroom, Google Drive, Flipgrid, and more!

For more information and technical support:

Download the Remind App Here!

Send messages, change your settings, and update your communication preferences using this quick and easy smart phone app.

Log into Remind

  • Go to
  • Click “Log In”
  • Click “Log In With Google”
Enter email in Remind

Claim Your Classes to Complete Your Account

  1. Review your class list and click Finish to add those classes to your account and complete the set up. The classes will be added to your account without affecting any existing classes in your account.
  2. *Please note, currently classes can only be claimed by logging into Remind through our website, not the mobile app.
  3. If you’d like to archive your rostered classes, you can do so by clicking on the three dots to the right of the class name and selecting Archive. Once new classes are confirmed, you can archive the classes at any time. Archived classes can also be restored.
  4. You are now ready to send your first Remind message!
Class list in remind

Send a Message

  1. To send a message, click the blue pencil composer and select the class you would like to send your message to.
  2. Class announcements are sent to all members of your class. When a participant replies to a class announcement, only the class owner who sent the message will receive the response.
  3. Group conversations allow you to select up to 9 other participants (totaling 10 in the conversation) to start a group conversation. When you send a message in your group conversation, all participants will see one another as well as the responses. To find group conversations, scroll past your classes in the composer.
  4. An individual message is a chat between you and one other participant. Only you and the participant can see this type of message.
New message in remind

Make a Call

Set up voice calling

  • Before you make a voice call on Remind, you’ll need to take the following steps.
  • Link your cell phone number to your Remind account. You can do this from any Call tab in your account or the Notification preferences tab from your account settings.
  • Set office hours. Teachers will only receive calls during office hours. When someone calls outside of your office hours, they’ll be informed that you’re not currently accepting calls and given the option to send a message. See how to set up office hours here.
  • Set up your voicemail on your cell phone. Remind voice calls are connected to your cell phone, so people may reach your voicemail if you miss a call.

Make a voice call

  • On the Calls tab anywhere in your account, click on the Make a call button in the top right corner.
  • You can contact recipients with an available device (blue lightning bolt) if they’re accepting voice calls.
  • If recipients don’t have an available device or aren’t accepting calls, you can send them a message instead.
  • When you start a call, make sure you have your cell phone within reach. Calls initiated on your desktop, laptop, or tablet will be connected through your cell phone.

After your voice call

Save the phone number to your contacts. You can use this phone number to make a Remind voice call or send a Remind message to the recipient.

The call duration will be recorded in your conversation with the recipient. It will also appear in your call log and your message history.

Use call notes to record any call details or follow-ups. You can take notes during or after a call. These notes are also available in your conversation with the recipient.

Call notes

Consider Best Practices

  • Keep your messages short. Some students and families will be receiving these messages as texts. Shorter messages are easier to access and won’t cost as much.
  • Use weekly rather than daily communications. Regular, infrequent communications keep students and families from feeling overwhelmed with information, particularly at the secondary level when multiple teachers are messaging families..
  • Use direct or group conversations for personalized communications and interventions. These messages can be more specific to the individual student(s) and families.
  • Utilize the scheduling feature to plan messages in advance. This will allow you to schedule message for more impactful times without requiring you to send it manually.

As you are planning your messages, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the message for?
  • What is the purpose of the message?
  • When will my message have the greatest impact?
  • Is my message easy to understand?
  • How can I enhance my message?

Adding Missing Users to Remind

There are several ways to add people to Remind:

  1. Invite them directly to Remind: Best if you know people’s phone numbers or email addresses
  2. Share ways to join: Printable PDF handout, in-person instructions, or a shareable link

You can find all of these options by clicking on the “Add people” button when you’re logged in on the app or online.

Enter contacts for remind

When people choose to join your Remind class, you’ll see them appear in your class. Once they’re there, they’ll start receiving messages immediately; you can also copy them to another class.

Invite People Directly to Remind

  • You can send invitations directly to people if you have their phone numbers or email addresses. The contact information you enter will determine how people get the invitation and Remind notifications: entering mobile phone numbers means that they’ll get messages by text, while entering email addresses means that they’ll get messages by email.
  • First, choose whether you’re inviting students, parents, or teachers to Remind. Then, you can manually enter the necessary information or copy and paste from a spreadsheet. Group owners can invite 150 people at a time.
  • If you’re copying and pasting from a spreadsheet, be sure to copy all the information that you need at once (name, contact information, etc.). You won’t be able to copy and paste a single column at a time.

NOTE: An email address is required for inviting teachers to Remind. You can also enter a phone number or secondary email address. When people choose to join your Remind class, you’ll see them appear in your class. Once they’re there, they’ll start receiving messages immediately; you can also copy them to another class.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am a teacher and a parent in the district. Can I use the same Remind account for both roles?

Yes – if your parent email in Skyward is listed as your district email, you will be able to act as both roles in the same account. To prevent confusion, however, you may wish to keep these roles separate and use a personal email as a parent.

Please note that Remind uses your telephone number as its primary identifier. If you and another member of your household share a phone number (listed in Skyward,) Remind will merge your accounts.

Am I required to use Remind?

If you wish to communicate with groups of students and/or families via text message, you should use Remind (as opposed to any other similar tools such as Bloomz or Class Dojo) in order to streamline the number of apps we use, and to maintain compliance with district and state policies.

Your target audience and type of message will help determine the appropriate tool to use. If it is for a group of students about a class project or assignment, Google Classroom or SeeSaw are likely most appropriate. If it is for a group of parents, extracurricular teams, or clubs, Remind is likely the best tool. Remind is a great way to share content developed in Smore. Both Smore and Remind have translation capabilities and are a high priority for the district. You are not required to communicate with students and/or families via text if you do not wish.

I had a Remind account for my classroom last year. Do I need to make a separate or new account to use Remind this year?

No. Provided that you created your old Remind account with your district email address, the two accounts will merge.

If you used a different email address for Remind, you should now login with your district email to activate your new account. If you contact, they will be able to merge your two accounts.

Can I have one group for all my reminders, as opposed to one for each class?

This is not recommended. Remind will auto-roster your classes based on Skyward information and will always be up-to-date — this saves you managing your classes manually. You can also send one message to all your students at once by selecting multiple classes in the message window.