To revisit and create a more inclusive district strategic plan. The previous plan developed in fall 2017 did not represent each building and left out identified learning initiatives. This revision had been planned prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on our ability to function, explore, and engage forced us to hold on the revision until now. Our aim is to include many more stakeholders, all of our district initiatives, and develop a plan that will guide the district’s operations from 2022-2027 to allow us to promote inclusive instructional practices, equity and prepare us for the growth of our district so each and every student has opportunities to excel. We will meet monthly from May to December (July & August TBD). The new MSD Strategic Plan will be presented at the second MSD School Board meeting in January 2022 for approval.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of the previous (2017-2023) MSD Strategic Plan by examining the Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments of the Meridian School District.
  • Increase the diversity of voices and welcome multiple perspectives to fully understand the experiences of all students and families.
  • Education is a generational endeavor for ALL students.
  • The need to include all MSD initiatives and full representatives of each building, district employees, families, and students.
  • The establishment of metrics to drive the accountability and advancement of each goal within the MSD Strategic Plan.

Plan of Work:

  • Examine MSD Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments.
  • Develop a common language and purpose for this work.
  • Seek metrics to measure and guide advancement of each strategic plan goal.
  • This work is going to be focused on inclusion of identified Commitments, reviewing the existing goals and metrics to measure and guide advancement of each strategic plan goal, and development of new metrics and accountability measures.
  • Develop accountability measures to be examined and reported each school year.


  • Dr. James Everett, Chair, Superintendent
  • 1 School Board Director
  • 2 Administrators
  • 1 Director
  • 3 Teachers
  • 2 Staff
  • 2 Students
  • 4 Parents
  • 2 Community Members


The initial frequency for meetings will be monthly each third Tuesday at 6 p.m., starting with our first meeting on Feb. 3. We will plan for a 90 minutes duration. These meetings will be held in person, location to be determined.

Budget Implications:

There are not immediate budget implications for the establishment of this advisory group.