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Dear Meridian Community and Family,

Brian Evans was the kind of person that made you happy that you could call him a friend. He was the definition of what it means to be a community steward. His work on behalf of the children and staff of the Meridian School District extended decades beyond the time when his own children attended school in the community. He was thoughtful, kind, caring, driven, and reflective.

One of my very fondest memories of Brian would be meeting him once a month at the Hilltop for breakfast as we went over the agenda for the coming Board meeting. He always greeted me warmly and was deeply engaged in our long-term visioning of what Meridian could become. He had a great passion for making them part of the county where he lived, better for all. When it was time to take the credit for the transformational work that took place during his time on the School Board, it was often hard to find Brian. He was unobtrusively off to the side celebrating the work of others.

Previous MSD Superintendent Messages:

Brian appreciated a job well done. He was a craftsman, a businessman, and a leader. The combination of these qualities meant that he always had something meaningful to contribute… and he did so by showing up. Thinking about the amount of collective time that Brian volunteered on behalf of the community, he was among the few people that could be counted on to show up at 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning to make the community a better place.

Brian Evans was an example. He was an example of kindness, graciousness, service, and humility. I feel deeply fortunate to have worked with Brian in his role as the president of the Meridian School Board from 2007-2012. I am infinitely more proud to have called Brian my friend.


Tim Yeomans

Meridian School Superintendent 2007-2012

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