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Dear Meridian School Board Members, Meridian Staff and Meridian Community,

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Meridian School Board Member and my friend Brian Evans. Brian was the longest-serving Board Member over the last few decades in Meridian.

His contributions to the students, community, staff, and facilities of the District are immeasurable. He was consistent in his passion and dedication to all that is Meridian. During my time as Superintendent (2012-2018), I considered Brian my mentor. He was level-headed, smart and demonstrated a high degree of common sense. He asked hard questions, challenged everyone’s thinking (mine included) and pushed all of us to excel.

He was a strong advocate for each and every student and believed strongly that the District would provide equitable opportunity for all students regardless of their interests or backgrounds. He believed there were multiple roads to individual success and that our job as educators was to help each student in our care to find their own path. He believed the District should provide robust programs and

opportunities and not be limited due to the size of the District. He advocated for the District to partner with community members, the business community and with other local partners. He believed that we were stronger together and of course, he was right.

He served concurrently on the Meridian School Board and as the Executive Director of the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County during the time when Meridian was building and remodeling buildings and starting new programs. He donated personal money and

raised a tremendous amount of money to benefit students and to build innovative programs at Meridian High School in the area of Career and Technical Education. He was the main driver behind the partnership between Meridian and the Northwest Career and Technical Academy as well as with Bellingham Technical College. He advocated and provided support for students being exposed to and having opportunities to learn and build skills with local industry partners.

Brian was instrumental in ensuring the new and remodeled facilities in Meridian were built to a high standard. As a building contractor himself, he was well suited to provide insightful and effective leadership during these building projects.

Brian believed in continuous learning and believed that all staff members should continue their own learning in order to provide new and innovative opportunities for their students. He believed that each of us has great potential.

I will miss my mentor and my friend Brian Evans. I mourn with all of you.


Tom Churchill

Meridian School District Superintendent 2012-2018

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