Commitment to Planning 0100
Planning Process 0300
            Procedures 0300P
Components of the District’s Plan 0500
Vision Statement 0510
Beliefs 0520
Mission 0530
Goals, Objectives and Strategies 0550
District Action Plan 0560
Plan Evaluation 0700
            Procedures 0700P


Legal Status and Operation 1000
Key Functions of the Board 1005


Director Districts 1105
            Procedures 1105P
Election 1110
            Procedures 1110P
Oath of Office 1111
Director Orientation 1112
Board Member Residency 1113
Board Member Resignation and Vacancy 1114
            Procedures 1114P

Board Organization

Annual Organizational Meeting 1210
Board Officers and Duties of Board Members 1220
School Director Legislative Program 1225
Committees 1240
Students on Governing Boards 1250
            Procedures 1250P

Methods of Governance

Policy Adoption, Manuals and Administrative Procedures 1310
Suspension of a Policy 1320
Administration in the Absence of Policy and Procedure 1330


Meetings, Public Notice, Quorum, Meeting Conduct and Order of  
            Business, and Public Comment 1400
            Procedures 1400P
Executive or Closed Sessions 1410
Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda 1420
            Procedures 1420P
Minutes 1440
Absence of a Board Member 1450

Principles of Operation

Conflicts of Interest  
            2nd Class District 1610
The Board-Superintendent Relationship 1620
            Procedures 1620P
Evaluation of the Superintendent 1630

Board Member Benefits

Board Member Expenses 1731
            Procedures 1731P
Board Member Insurance 1732
Board Member Compensation 1733
            Procedures 1733P

Board Development

Open Government Meetings 1805
Annual Governance Goals and Objectives 1810
Board Self-Assessment 1820
            Procedures 1820P
Training and Development for Board Members 1822
Participation in School Boards’ Association 1830

Program Development and Resources

Student Learning Goals 2000
Accountability Goals 2004
School Improvement Plans 2005
Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials 2020
            Procedures 2020P
Library Media Centers 2021
            Procedures 2021P
Electronic Resources 2022
            Procedures 2022P
            Form 2022F
Teacher Classroom Website Use 2023
Online Learning 2024
            Procedures 2024P
Copyright Compliance 2025
            Procedures 2025P
Animals as Part of the Instructional Program 2029
            Procedures 2029P
Service Animals in Schools 2030
            Procedures 2030P
Program Evaluation 2090
            Procedures 2090P

Learning Programs and Supports

Educational Opportunities for Military Children 2100
            Procedures 2100P
Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs 2104
            Procedures 2104P
Program Compliance 2106
Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan 2107
Learning Assistance Program 2108
            Procedures 2108P
Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program 2110
            Procedures 2110P
Substance Abuse Program 2121
            Procedures 2121P
Sexual Health Education 2125
            Procedures 2125P
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education 2126
Guidance and Counseling 2140
            Procedures 2140P
Suicide Prevention 2145
            Procedures 2145P
Co-curricular Program 2150
            Procedures 2150P
Interscholastic Activities 2151
            Procedures 2151P
Non-curriculum Related Student Groups 2153
            Procedures 2153P
Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students 2161
            Procedures 2161P
Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 2162
            Procedures 2162P
Response to Intervention 2163
            Procedures 2163P
Home or Hospital Instruction 2165
            Procedures 2165P
Career and Technical Education 2170
Procedures 2170P
Highly Capable Programs 2190
            Procedures 2190P
Academic Acceleration 2195
Procedures 2195P

School Organization

School Calendar 2220
Summer School 2240
Alternative Learning Experience Programs 2255
            Procedures 2255P

Program Supplements

“Field Trips Excursions and Outdoor Education 2320
            Procedures 2320P
Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers 2331
Flag Exercises 2333
Required Observances 2336
Disability History Month 2337
Religious-Related Activities and Practices 2340

Requirements and Assessments

Credit for Competency/Proficiency 2409
Procedures 2409P
High School Graduation Requirements 2410
            Procedures 2410P
Certificate of Educational Competency 2411
Diplomas for Veterans 2412
Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses 2413
Community Service 2414
            Procedures 2414P
Grading and Progress Reports 2420
            Procedures 2420P
Promotion and Retention 2421
            Procedures 2421P

Admission and Attendance

Qualifications of Attendance and Placement 3110
    A.  Age of Admission
    B.  Entrance Qualification
    C.  Admission of Students Aged 21 or Older
    D.  Placement of Students on Admission
            Procedures 3110P
Social-Emotional Climate 3112
            Procedures 3112P
Part-time, Home-based, or Off-campus Students 3114
            Procedures 3114P
Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services 3115
            Procedures 3115P
Students in Out-of-Home Care 3116
            Procedures 3116P
Enrollment 3120
            Procedures 3120P
Excused and Unexcused Absences 3122
            Procedures 3122P
Withdrawal Prior to Graduation 3123
Removal/Release of Student During School Hours 3124
            Procedures 3124P
Child Custody 3126
District Attendance Area Transfers 3131
Release of Resident Students 3140
Nonresident Students 3141
International Student Exchange . 3142
            Procedures 3142P
District Notification of Juvenile Offenders 3143
Release of Information Concerning Student Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders 3144
            Procedures 3144P

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities 3200
Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited 3205
            Procedures 3205P
Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying 3207
            Procedures 3207P
Nondiscrimination 3210
            Procedures 3210P
Transgender Students 3211
            Procedures 3211P
Freedom of Expression 3220
    A.  Student Publications
    B.  Distribution of Materials
Procedures 3220P
Freedom of Assembly 3223
Student Dress 3224
            Procedures 3224P
School-Based Threat Assessment 3225
            Procedures 3225P
Interviews and Interrogations of Students on School Premises 3226
            Procedures 3226P
Student Privacy and Searches 3230
    A.  Searches of Students Personal Property
    B.  Locker Searches
            Procedures 3230P
Student Records 3231
            Procedures 3231P
Parent and Student Rights in Administration of Surveys, Analysis or Evaluations 3232
            Procedures 3232P
Student Conduct Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions 3240
            Procedures 3240P
Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment . 3241
    A.  Detention
    B.  In-School Suspension
    C.  Appeal Process for Disciplinary Action
    D.  Suspensions or Expulsions
    E.  Short-Term Suspension
    F.  Appeal Process for Short-Term Suspension
    G.  Emergency Expulsion
    H.  Long-Term Suspensions or Expulsions
    I.  Appeal Process for Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion
    J.  Emergency Removal
    K.  Readmission Application Process
            Procedures 3241P
Closed Campus 3242
Student Driving 3243
            Procedures 3243P
Prohibition of Corporal Punishment 3244
Students and Telecommunication Devices 3245
            Procedures 3245P
Use of Isolation, Restraint, Restraint Devices and Reasonable Force 3246
            Procedures 3246P

Student Welfare

Student Health 3410
Automated External Defibrillators (AED) 3412
            Procedures 3412P
Student Immunization and Life-Threatening Health Conditions 3413
            Procedures 3413P
Infectious Diseases 3414
            Procedures 3414P
Accommodating Students With Diabetes 3415
Medication at School 3416
            Procedures 3416P
Catheterization 3417
            Procedures 3417P
Emergency Treatment 3418
            Procedures. 3418P
Self-Administration of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medications 3419
            Procedures 3419P
Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response 3420
            Procedures 3420P
Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention 3421
            Procedures 3421P
            Form 3421F
Student Sports – Concussion and Head Injuries 3422
            Procedures 3422P
Co-curricular 3423
            Procedures 3423P
Emergencies 3432
    A.  Fire
    B.  Lockdowns
    C.  Evacuations
    D.  Shelter-in-Place
    E.  Earthquakes
    F.  Bomb Threats
    G.  Emergency School Closure or Evacuation
    H.  Pandemic/Epidemic
            Procedures 3432P

Student Activities

Associated Student Bodies 3510
            Procedures 3510P
Student Incentives 3515
            Procedures 3515P
Student Fees, Fines, or Charges 3520
            Procedures 3520P
Fund Raising Activities Involving Students 3530
            Procedures 3530P
Financial Aid Advising Day 3535

Communications with the Public

Public Information Program 4000
            Procedures 4000P
Confidential Communications 4020
Public Access to District Records 4040
            Procedures 4040P
Distribution of Materials 4060
            Procedures 4060P

Public Participation in the Schools

Citizen Advisory Committees and Task Forces 4110
            Procedures 4110P
School Support Organizations 4120
            Procedures 4120P
Family Involvement 4129
            Procedures 4129P
Title I Parent Involvement 4130
            Procedures 4130P

Public Access to Schools, Staff and Students

Safe and Orderly Learning Environment 4200
            Procedures 4200P
Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises 4210
Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Substances 4215
Language Access Plan 4218
            Procedures 4218P
Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs 4220
            Procedures 4220P
Public Performances 4235
Contests, Advertising and Promotions 4237
Use of School Facilities 4260
            Procedures 4260P
            Form 4260F
Community Education Program 4265

Relations with Other Agencies and Schools

District Relationships with Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies 4310
            Procedures 4310P
Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm 4314
            Procedures 4314P
Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders 4315
Cooperative Program with Other Districts, Public Agencies
            Private Schools and Daycare Agencies 4320
Election Activities 4400
            Procedures 4400P

Recruitment and Personnel Selection

Recruitment and Selection of Staff 5000
            Procedures 5000P
Hiring of Retired School Employees 5001
Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval 5005
            Procedures 5005P
Certification Revocation 5006
Employee Conduct Rules 5007
Employment of Relatives 5008
Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action 5010
            Procedures 5010P
Sexual Harassment 5011
            Procedures 5011P
Collective Bargaining 5020
Conflicts Between Policies and Bargaining Agreements 5021
Contracts 5050
     A. Certificated Staff Contracts  
    B. Provisional Employment  
    C. Retires-Rehires and Persons Replacing Certificated Staff on Leave  
    D. Adjustments  
    E. Supplemental Employment Agreements  
    F. Consultants  
    G. Title I Employees  
Employment Practices  
Drug-Free Schools, Community and Workplace 5201

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Mandated

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program 5202
            Procedures 5202P
Staff Assistance Program 5203
            Procedures 5203P
Transfers 5211
     A. Voluntary Transfer  
    B. Involuntary Transfers or Reassignments  
Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Administrative Staff 5215
Part-time Staff 5221
Job-Sharing Staff Members 5222
            Procedures 5222P
Job Descriptions/Responsibilities 5230
     A. Duties of Classified and Certificated Staff  
    B. Principals and Program Administration  
     C. Duties of Administrative Staff  
            Procedures 5230P
Length of Work Day 5231
            Procedures 5231P
Evaluation of Staff 5240
            Procedures 5240P
Conflicts of Interest 5251
Staff Participation in Political Activities 5252
            Procedures 5252P
Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries 5253
            Procedures 5253P
Personnel Records 5260
            Procedures 5260P
Resolution of Staff Complaints 5270
            Procedures 5270P
Reporting Improper Governmental Action (Whistleblower Protection) 5271
            Procedures 5271P
Separation from Employment 5280
     A. Release from Contract  
     B. Resignation  
     C. Retirement  
     D. Probation, Non-renewal or Termination  
     E. Program and Staff Reduction  
Disciplinary Action and Discharge 5281
            Procedures 5281P
Civility Policy 5282
            Procedures 5282P
Compensation 5310
Garnishment and Personal Credit Problems 5315
            Procedures 5315P


Personnel Leaves 5400
Sick Leave 5401
Emergency and Discretionary Leaves 5403
Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leaves 5404
Leave Sharing 5406
            Procedures 5406P
Military Leave 5407
            Procedures 5407P
Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave 5408
Holidays 5410


Retirement Programs 5510
Staff Development 5520
            Procedures 5520P

Auxiliary Personnel

Substitute Employment 5610
            Procedures 5610P
Temporary Administrators 5612
Volunteers 5630
            Procedures 5630P
Student Teachers 5641
            Procedures 5641P
Administrative Internships 5642
            Procedures 5642P

Financial Planning and Management

Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation 6000
            Procedures 6000P
System of Funds and Accounts 6020
            Procedures 6020P
Interfund Loans 6021
Minimum Fund Balance 6022
Financial Reports 6030
Expenditures in Excess of Budget 6040
Governmental Bonds Post Issuance Compliance Policy 6050


Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources 6100
            Procedures 6100P
District Fundraising Activities 6102
            Procedures 6102P
Allowable Costs for Federal Programs 6106
            Procedures 6106P
Tuition 6111
Rental or Lease of District Real Property 6112
Gifts 6114
            Procedures 6114P
Investment of Funds 6120


Purchasing: Authorization and Control 6210
            Procedures 6210P
Charge Cards 6212
Reimbursement for Travel Expenses 6213
            Procedures 6213P
Voucher Certification and Approval 6215
            Procedures 6215P
Reimbursement for Goods and Services: Warrants 6216
Bid Requirements 6220
            Procedures 6220P
Relations with Vendors 6230
Cellular Telephones 6250

Risk Management

Risk Management 6500
Procedures 6500P
Staff Safety 6511
            Procedures 6511P
Infection Control Program 6512
            Procedures 6512P
Workplace Violence Prevention 6513
            Procedures 6513P
Insurance 6530
Student Insurance 6535
School District’s Responsibility For Privately-owned Property 6540
Property and Data Management 6570
Domestic Violence 6580


Transportation 6600
            Procedures 6600P
Student Safety Walking to School and Riding Buses 6605
            Procedures 6605P
Video Cameras on School Buses 6608
            Procedures 6608P
Special Transportation 6620
Private Vehicle Transportation 6625
            Procedures 6625P
            Form 6625F
Driver Training and Responsibility 6630
School Owned Vehicles 6640
Contracting for Transportation Services 6690

Food Services

Nutrition and Physical Fitness 6700
            Procedures 6700P

School Property

Safety, Operations and Maintenance of School Property 6800
            Procedures 6800P
Capital Assets/Theft-Sensitive Assets 6801
            Procedures 6801P
Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials 6881
            Procedures 6881P
Sale of Real Property 6882
Closure of Facilities 6883
State Environmental Policy Act Compliance 6890
Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping 6895
            Procedures 6895P

Capital Projects

Facilities Planning 6900
Site Acquisition 6905
Construction Financing 6910
Construction Design 6920
            Procedures 6920P
Architect and Engineering Services 6925
            Procedures 6925P
Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds and Insurance 6950
Maintenance of Facilities Records 6955
Acceptance of Completed Project 6959
Naming Schools and Facilities 6970
            Procedures 6970P
Works of Art 6971