School finance is one of the most important things we do on behalf of our students. Our first priority is to provide quality education to every student in the Meridian School District. Many of you are aware the last couple of years the Washington State Legislature has changed our financial landscape, creating a challenging puzzle for us to ensure the levels of support desired by our community and needs of our students are met.

EP&O Levy

Technology Levy

For decades, districts have had to rely on local levies to fund programs, staffing, extracurricular activities and safety measures the state has not funded. At the highest point, districts collected up to 28% in local taxes to augment state funding shortfalls. There have been several lawsuits and multiple legislative attempts to address the lack of funding, accountability, class size, compensation, curriculum, support for special populations, vocational programs, transportation needs and more. Most recently, the court case initiated to address state-level school funding shortfalls, the McCleary lawsuit, spurred several changes. Unfortunately, very little of the McCleary decision proved to be equitable, affecting each district differently. To better understand where we are going, we need to examine Meridian School District’s recent funding history. <Click for more>