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Did you know that Irene Reither Elementary is a PBIS school?  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. 

Here at IRE we explicitly teach, reteach and positively reinforce school wide expectations both school-wide and in the classroom.  The Trojan Store is an example of how we positively recognize students for demonstrating our school wide expectations.

Trojan Traits:  We are Responsible    We are Respectful      We are Safe     We are Kind

At IRE students are recognized for showing great behavior and following the above Trojan Traits to be able to earn Trojan tickets for the store.  When students are observed demonstrating these traits they are given a Trojan Trait Ticket which they can use to purchase items in the Trojan Store.
Store items include: pencils, books, small—med—large treasure box items, Trojan school spirit wear, and free coupons- such as extra recess, popcorn/pizza with the principal, sit by a friend and more.  Students will be able to buy a small item for even 1 Trojan Ticket or save up several tickets to buy a larger item. All classrooms have a storage system to help students who do save their tickets for larger items. 

We are happy to say we have our Trojan Trait Store up and running! We have had 2 successful store sessions and more to come! The store will continue through the rest of the year.  Thank you all for supporting and being patient as we have worked out the day to day running of the store.  

Future Store Dates are:  February 15    March 2 & 22    April 19 & 30     May 25    June 14
Reward dates are when the students can redeem coupons they purchased at the Trojan Store. The dates generally follow the store. When students purchase a coupon- the student is told when the reward date is. The coupon purchase is recorded, and the teacher is informed.  If your child is ill or absent on the reward day, please let their teacher know and they can redeem their coupon the next reward day. 

Future PBIS Reward dates are:   *(Days where students who purchased coupons will be able to redeem)
February 23      March 8 & 26      April 26      May 10       June 1 & 14

We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following people and businesses for donating items and time to our Trojan Ticket Store: Connie Bennum, Debi Johnson, Melissa Haugen-Meszaros, Richelle Urie, Angie Brooks, Stori Robertson, Adrienne Somera, Janene DeJong, Elizabeth Needham, Angie Richardson, Michelle Wilson, Andrea Ames, Tori Brzozowski, Kacey Hersom, Joanne Wiebe, Chelsea Williams,  Mrs. Chistopherson, Laurel Baptist Church, IRE PTA, Meridian High School Boosters, and the following businesses: Whatcom Co. McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Papa Murphy’s, Walmart, Lynden Safeway, Ferndale Grocery Outlet, Costco, Cash and Carry, Darcy Galbraith Dentistry, WA Dairy Council and more to come.  If you are interested in donating or have any questions please contact Kevin Hersom at:


     Kind regards,

     Patti Fouts, Principal

Patti Fouts, Principal 
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