To collaboratively examine the current status of limited community involvement in district actions, committees, programs, and board meetings. Enlist a diversity of perspectives to increase engagement and participation by district and community families. Develop a multi-prong approach to creating events, activities, and opportunities to involve families and students.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Align expectations for community involvement with the Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments of the Meridian School District.
  • There exists a low level of participation and engagement with building events and district activities.
  • Increase opportunities to engage families with students enrolled in the Meridian School District – as well as those who reside in the community and do not have a formal or former connection to the Meridian School District.

Plan of Work:

  • Review MSD Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments.
  • Share experiences and perspectives of committee members.
  • Conduct outreach, survey, and engagement activities to better understand barriers and opportunities.
  • Develop recommended policies and procedures.
  • Share recommendations with the Superintendent, who will submit to the School Board.


  • Students (2)
  • Administrator (1)
  • Middle School Teacher/Staff (1)
  • High School Teacher/Staff (1)


  • Brandon Allen, Parent
  • Karla Anderson, Parent
  • Michelle Simmons, Parent
  • Andy Donahue, MHS Assistant Principal
  • Erik Lane, Elementary Teacher
  • Renier Elenbaas, Co-Chair, School Board Director
  • Dr. James Everett, Co-Chair, Superintendent

Meeting Frequency:

The frequency for meetings will be monthly each first Tuesday at 5:30 pm. These meetings will be planned for 60-90 minutes and will be held in our Professional Development/Board Room.

Budget Implications:

The initial emphasis of this work is going to be focused on establishing a clear understanding of the current limiting factors contributing to low engagement and feedback. Tools necessary for outreach and communication are currently accessible within the district. There are no anticipated budget expenses at this time.


Participation Application Form We are accepting new applications until midnight on September 30th.