• Implement administrative policy and procedure 2020.
  • Establish and/or update instructional materials screening criteria.
  • Identify and eliminate bias in instructional materials.
  • Act upon requests for instructional materials approval and removal.
  • Act upon citizen/staff requests for reconsideration of instructional materials.
  • Communicate and make public all meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Make recommendations to the superintendent per policy and procedure.

Basis for Establishment:

  • To assure a clear process and procedure for the approval, reconsideration and removal of instruction resources per policy and procedure 2020 and state law (RCW 28A.150.230).


This committee uses rotating, staggered memberships. Three-year, two-year, and one-year memberships will be used so that new members join with those who have experience with the policy and procedure. Vacancies will be filled based on the term-length that was vacated.

Currently accepting applications for the following openings:

  • One Primary Teacher (three year term)
  • One Intermediate Teacher (two year term)
  • One High School Teacher (three year term)
  • One School Administrator (one year term)
  • One ResourceTeacher or Counselor- (one year term)
  • One Parent or Community Member (two year term)

Current Members:

  • Primary Teacher: open
  • Intermediate Teachers: Open
  • Middle School Teacher: Cynthia Richardson
  • High school Teachers: Open
  • Resource Teacher or Counselor: Open
  • School Administrator: Open
  • Parents/Community Members: Open
  • Chair: Adrienne Somera, Director of Teaching & Learning

Meeting Schedule:

Instructional Materials Committee will have three standing meetings per year. Additional meetings may be scheduled to respond to requests to review materials.

Questions: Please contact Adrienne Somera, Director of Teaching and Learning.


Committee Application is due on March 19 by 5:00 pm.