To collaboratively examine equity and access barriers for students and families of the Meridian School District. Our aim is to better understand and address eliminating barriers so we may recognize, embrace, and protect the dignity of each student as a valued and important member of our school community.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of equity and access aligned with the Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments of the Meridian School District.
  • Increase the diversity of voices and welcome multiple perspectives to fully understand the experiences of all students and families.
  • Education is a generational endeavor for ALL students.
  • Disparities exist in our student performance data pertaining to historically underrepresented students, e.g., students from communities of color, poverty, first-generation, LGBTQ+, learning disabilities, and others.
  • The MSD Strategic Plan calls for the elimination of these disparities and increasing the diversity of certificated, classified, and administrative staff to reflect the composition of our student population.

Plan of Work:

  • Examine MSD Vision, Purpose, and Collective Commitments.
  • Increase awareness of barriers to equity and access.
  • Develop a common language and purpose for this work.
  • Increase recognition and opportunities for multiple communities to see themselves represented and celebrated in the Meridian School District – whether it be in their school building, the staff, and acknowledgment of them within the district.
  • Develop a plan to promote cultural celebrations, activities, and increased engagement with underrepresented communities to share their cultures.
  • Serve as a guiding body to the work and programs of the District.


  • Students (3)
  • Parent/Community Members (2)
  • Primary Elementary Teacher/Staff (1)
  • Intermediate Elementary Teacher/Staff (1)
  • Middle School Teacher/Staff (1)
  • High School Teacher/Staff (1)

Members: (up to 20 members, staggered with one & two year terms)

  • Sara Bernardy, Co-Chair, School Board Director
  • Jeannie Castro, Parent
  • Daniel Cruz, Parent
  • Dr. James Everett, Co-Chair, Superintendent
  • Kurt Harvill, Assistant Superintendent
  • Kiran Jhanjar, Parent
  • Catherine Mullett, IRE Counselor
  • Emily Norton, Co-Chair, School Board Director
  • Adrienne Somera, Director of Teaching & Learning


The initial frequency for meetings will be monthly each second Tuesday at 6:00 pm. We will plan for approximately 90 minutes. These meetings will be held in our Professional Development/Board Room.

Budget Implications:

The initial emphasis of this work is going to be focused on establishing a foundational understanding of those who have historically experienced barriers to access and equity within our district. As we work to mitigate those barriers we fully expect investments will accompany this study which may include book studies and guest speakers.


Participation Application Form We are accepting new applications until midnight on September 30th.