Greetings Meridian Students and Families,

I’d like to congratulate several of our board members. Last Wednesday evening, during our December 11th board meeting, three of our board members took their oaths of office as they ran successful bids to either become a new Meridian School Board Director or to renew their commitment as an MSD Director. We welcomed Meridian alumna, Sara Bernardy, to the MSD Board of Directors where she will be representing District 1 beginning January 1, 2020.

Mrs. Bernardy replaces Director Craig Wasilewski, whom we also recognized Wednesday evening for his twelve-year commitment serving on the Meridian School Board. For those who have the history in the district, take a moment and consider the tremendous positive changes the district has made over the past twelve years. When you see Mr. Wasilewski out in the community, please remember to thank him for his service and dedication to our district.

Directors Marty Gray (District 4) and Craig Mitchell (District 5) were re-elected to new four-year terms. The board also appointed Mr. Gray to again serve as the MSD Board Chair and Mr. Mitchell to again serve as MSD Board Vice-Chair. Please join me in recognizing and congratulating these four for their new and continued commitment to the district!

From left to right: Dr. James Everett, Chair Marty Gray, Vice Chair Craig Mitchell, Director Craig Wasilewski, Director-elect Sara Bernardy

We will soon be engaged in unpredictable weather. You can establish your account with Flash Alert and/or King 5 Alerts and promply be notified of school closures or delays due to poor weather. Meridian utilizes Flash Alert to notify all major radio and TV media outlets of any delays or closures. Be sure to listen to or watch local stations. You can sign up for Flash Alert and/or register to receive a text from KING 5 as soon as they receive notice of closure or delay. Set up your alerts here: and

If you follow our Meridian 505 Facebook page you will likely have seen this post. Meridian School District initiated our EEK! (Early Entry Kindergarten!) classroom last school year – in alignment with one of our commitments: emphasis on Early Childhood Learning. We are extrmely excited for our second year of this amazing program. Do you have a child who will be 5 by February 1st and will be going to Kindergarten next year? Our early entrance Kindergarten class is designed to help students experience and be prepared for Kindergarten in the fall. You can apply to be considered by completing our enrollment form by Friday, January 10th.

After registering with the link above, someone from IRE will contact you in January with more information.

< < < Look at our happy Kindergarten students! EEK is lots of fun and learning for our future Kindergarten students!
< < < Learning Thrives Here!

As we make our way through December, with its many holidays and celebrations, I want to thank you for choosing Meridian School District and for bringing to our community such a diversity of talents, personalities, cultures, and accomplishments. I am thankful for bonus time with family over the holidays. We all lead busy lives – our children included! The holiday break offers a chance to slow down, take in some memories and remind ourselves of what is most important in each of our lives. I am so proud to serve your family, and we look forward to building an even stronger relationship with you in support of our students. Your success is the success of Meridian.



Dr. James Everett, Superintendent
Meridan School District