We are pleased that you would like to have your student enroll in the Meridian School District. Pursuant to Meridian School Board Policy No. 3141, listed below, any student who resides outside the boundaries of our district, may apply to attend school here.

To submit your request to attend Meridian School District please follow the steps below. We have computer stations available for families to use at each of our schools.

Choice Transfer Request Portal

  1. Please visit the OSPI Choice Transfer System. https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/ChoiceTransferRequest
  2. You may submit your application online by simply following the directions given once you have reached the website.

Please note that if your student is enrolling in kindergarten their grade level may show as 0.

Paper copies of the Choice Transfer form are available at the District Office.

Non-Resident Transfer Information

We strive to support our students in achieving high academic and behavioral standards. Meridian offers a variety of academic programs and extra-curricular activities to serve your student. As a non-resident student in our district, we will hold your students to these same high standards. Non-resident students that have repeated or severe discipline infractions or behavior which disrupts the learning environment, may result in the loss of their non-resident status and your student may be asked to return to their resident school district.

  • Families are responsible for transportation of their non-resident students.
  • Requests for non-resident admission are approved for one school year only and must be renewed annually.
  • If you have not submitted an updated form to the District Office prior to the start of the school year, your student will need to enroll in their resident school for the upcoming school year.

Please note that requests may not be processed for up to 45 days after submission. You will receive automated email communication from the Choice Transfer Request Portal as your application moves through the submission process.